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My home is outside Cleveland, Ohio, where I live with my husband (and high-school sweetheart) my 2 young adult children (oxymoron?) and a feisty 3-legged Yorkipoo named Bobo. My path to becoming an author was pretty unconventional, so I'll tell you a little bit about it...

I went to college to study finance and eventually got my MBA. I climbed the corporate ladder for 7 years, and life was great. And then I got pregnant with our first child and the world seemed to turn upside down. That time in my life was insane, and not just because I was overwhelmed with the challenges of a colicky baby, but because life throws you curve balls that you can’t always predict. Experiencing all kinds of scary and strange symptoms, I just knew something wasn’t right physically. Two years later, just months after my daughter was born, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

I only mention it because the diagnosis completely changed my perspective on just about everything. We decided to buy a smaller house and simplify our lives. I decided to hold off going back to work and stay home with the kids. And that’s when I decided to write a novel - having no idea what I was getting myself into. After a lot of self-doubt, frustration, and procrastination, Hope for Garbage eventually came to be. Those of you who have read it already know it is filled with the message of hope - things will get better. I try to remember this in my own life and it is not easy. Every day MS seems to challenge me a little more.

But I also know that if it wasn’t for this crappy disease, I am 99% sure I would not have chosen the path I did. I would not have the same perspective on life, and I would not have decided to write a novel. I never would have gotten so much wonderful feedback on Hope for Garbage, like when a reader named Scott wrote a review on Amazon right before Christmas, saying the book made him feel “at peace and hopeful for the future.”

If you get a chance to read Hope for Garbage, Beautiful Chaos, or my latest release The Lake Never Tells, I’d love to hear what you think!

In fact, if you have comments or questions about anything – please get in touch! I love to hear from readers and I always respond in a day or two.

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